Michael Loehr
Glossary of Strength and Conditioning Terminology Page Preview Photo

A Glossary of Strength Training and Conditioning Terms

While working with sports scientist Patrick Rump, it quickly became clear that dance and sports science don’t always use the same terminology. Or more precisely, that we dancers don’t always differentiate well enough when we talk about our work...
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Shoulder joint Page Preview Photo

The Shoulder

Since I'm currently dealing with the last fades of a nagging shoulder problem, and therefore dealing with anatomy, physiology, and appropriate strengthening exercises, this chapter is a bit of a digression on all things shoulder...
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Dance Science Page Preview

A directory of universities and organizations

DIS-TANZ DIARY #7 – A whole lot of universities include elements of dance science in their general dance curriculum, but there aren't a lot of study programs that focus specifically on a degree in dance science. I tried to compile a list of universities that do. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but I...
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Portrait Patrick Rump GJUUM Preview

A portrait of Patrick Rump

I met Patrick Rump in 2018 after tearing my right calf muscle in the middle of a performance at Teatro Storchi in Modena. I can't praise Patrick's work enough. I really think that every professional dancer could benefit from his knowledge. So here's a little interview to introduce Patrick and GJUUM to all of you...
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Science of Dance Training Page Preview

Science of Dance Training

DIS-TANZ DIARY #5 – SCIENCE OF DANCE TRAINING collects the results of important research and studies done by individual authors in various fields related to dance education and puts them into practical guidelines. The text pulls together a wealth of information on the scientific, medical, behavioural, and pedagogical aspects of dance training...
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Act II & III by Emanuel Gat (Rehearsals) Page Title PhotoPage Preview Photo

The Unexpected Return Of Heaven And Earth

Shortly before the end of the year, Emanuel came up with a mildly insane but totally intriguing idea: to transform another cancelled tour date into a creation period for a new work. So against all odds ACT II & III - THE UNEXPECTED RETURN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH was born...
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Emanuel Gat Portrait

An interview with Emanuel Gat

DIS-TANZ DIARY #4 – Arising from a recent joint creation period, I had the idea to talk to Emanuel about his thoughts on the physical (and mental) conditioning of his dancers, shared responsibilities on and off stage, and the advantages of horizontal learning...
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Page Preview _ Dis-Tanzen _ Survey

An online survey

DIS-TANZ DIARY #3 – I developed an online survey in collaboration with sports scientist Patrick Rump (GJUUM) in order to gain a better understanding of the current conditions of the professional dance community in regards to training and conditioning, preventative methods and awareness, and rehabilitation processes...
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Page Preview - Free Play - Dis-Tanzen

Improvisation in life and art

DIS-TANZ DIARY #2 – Before I start diving into some of the more sober reference books on anatomy and physiology and the core principles of sports science I wanna introduce FREE PLAY - IMPROVISATION IN LIFE AND ART by Stephen Nachmanovitch. I discovered this gem of a book through a dear friend while touring SUNNY...
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A cumulative reading list

DIS-TANZ DIARY #1 – It's a new year and I'm jumping straight into my DIS-TANZEN research project "Sports science as a tool for movement optimisation, injury prevention & performance enhancement in the work practice of contemporary dancers". One of the first things I'm going to do is read, read, read, read, read...
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