Michael Loehr is regularly invited to give company training and to teach open contemporary classes or workshops for professionals as well as non-professionals. In addition, he has been working on numerous projects as choreographic assistant of Amala Dianor and Emanuel Gat.

His work as a teacher and rehearsal director has led him to collaborate with institutions such as Ballet de Lorraine, Ballet National de Marseille, Budapest Dance Theatre, Candoco Dance Company, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Compagnie Amala Dianor, Jin Xing Dance Theatre, K3 Hamburg, Montpellier Danse, Polish National Ballet, Potsdamer Tanztage, Prix de Lausanne, Tanz im August, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanzhaus NRW, Tanzprobebühne Marameo, Unterwegstheater Heidelberg and VA Wölfl’s Neuer Tanz.


Teaching is a fundamental part of Michael’s artistic identity, and his classes are highly influenced by his experience as a performer. Ever since starting his career as a freelancer in 2009 he has been teaching OPEN CLASSES and workshops for dancers with a wide range of backgrounds, giving him the opportunity to research and zoom […]
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Michael Loehr’s COMPANY CLASSES are very much adaptable to the company’s artistic profile and consequently to the dancers’ needs. First and foremost designed to physiologically and psychologically prepare the dancers for a full day of rehearsals or performances, Michael’s warm up is intended to quite literally raise the body temperature in order to facilitate the flow of […]
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Being a longtime collaborator of Emanuel Gat, Michael has been teaching different kinds of workshops focusing on Emanuel’s philosophy and creative process, ranging from physical introductions for amateurs before a performance all the way to challenging professional dancers with Emanuel’s unique approach to dance making. Through the exploration of simple tasks, which are later combined […]
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