Mar 10, 2021 in DIS-TANZ-SOLO

A conversation about Sports Science & Dance, Patrick Rump & Michael Loehr Header Photo

When I interviewed Patrick Rump a few weeks ago to introduce him and his company GJUUM, we immediately said we wanted to get together again to talk a little more in depth about the intersection of sports science and dance.

So we sat down a second time and talked about the benefits of supplemental strength training, how to come up with a game plan, training frequency, full body vs. split workouts, common training mistakes, myths, challenging schedules, weights vs. body weight, and warm ups.

I really believe that the conversation contains a lot of interesting information for our work as dancers. So especially everyone who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a sports scientist or personal trainer to accompany them during their career should take a look at the recording of our conversation. I promise it is worth it.

Concept & Editing by Michael Loehr // Music by Awir Leon
Film Equipment & Location by Aleks und Shantu // Additional Equipment by 25p
Special thanks to Tobias Brückner, Robert Bridger & Milena Twiehaus

Header photo by Tobias Brückner


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