May 26, 2023 in Performing

Emanuel Gat @ La Notte dei Musei 2023 in Rome

In Rome’s ancient realm, where whispers of time softly cast, legends bloomed and empires clashed. Cobblestones embraced twins of lore, while coliseums roared with gladiators’ valor. Marble arches stood tall, reflecting the reign of mighty Caesars. Fountains murmured love’s secret vow, painting passion in poets’ verse. Ruins now whisper memories profound, echoing greatness eternally. In the Eternal City’s embrace, an eternity ago.

This is ChatGPT’s take on a magical evening realized by Orbita Spellbound – Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza in the unique spaces of Ara Pacis on the occasion of the La Notte dei Musei 2023 in Rome.

A big thank you to Valentina Marini, Zètema Progetto Cultura s.r.l., as well as to Giuseppe Follacchio for capturing this one-night-only event.

Photos by Giuseppe Follacchio