Francois Przybylski aka Awir Leon is a french singer, songwriter, producer and dancer currently living in Amsterdam. 

Native to Dunkerque (where he keeps working with the trio UNNO) it is between Amsterdam, Paris and wherever his dance career took him that he forged his path as a solo artist.

After releasing two instrumental EPs and creating several soundtracks for dance pieces by Pansun Kim, Roy Assaf, Amala Dianor and Compagnie Black Sheep he started to experiment with using his voice in the production of MMFT (Metal Monkey Fire Tiger), a 6-track release. Drawing from this first attempt, he comes closer to the paths of artists like James Blake or Thom Yorke, whilst building his own sound and identity.

In 2016 he collaborated with choreographer Emanuel Gat on the piece SUNNY, in which he joins the dancers on stage to perform his music live. As a founding member of the artistic collective SOMETHING MACHINE he is also involved in the constant development of their multimedia project THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS.

Awir Leon’s 10-track debut GIANTS was released in October 2016. He is currently touring his sophomore album MAN ZOO, which was released in September 2019.


  • A conversation about Sports Science & Dance, Patrick Rump & Michael Loehr Preview Photo

    A Conversation about Sports Science & Dance

    When I interviewed Patrick Rump a few weeks ago to introduce him and his company GJUUM, we immediately said we wanted to get together again to talk a little more in depth about the intersection of sports science and dance...
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  • 2019 Done

    2019 Done, 2020 Here i come

    THANKS for all the fun in 2019! THANKS for all the professional opportunities and challenges, THANKS for all the insane nights and days out, and THANKS for sharing so many precious moments with me you beautiful people!
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  • Throwback Thursday #1

    I guess Throwback Thursday is pretty self-explanatory, but this is Throwback Thursday with a twist. Here is a brand new edit made from Julia Gat's footage of SUNNY at Philharmonie de Paris last spring...
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  • A little something

    Silvana Ranaudo from Nuova Officina della Danza invited me to teach a workshop for her students in Torino, Italy. Besides my usual focus on floorwork I tried to introduce the students to the awkwardness of Something Machine. We spent some time exploring movement material from THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS...
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  • Attempts without worth

    STRUT Dance - The National Choreographic Center of Western Australia chose Something Machine as one of the recipients of their sought-after SEED residencies and invited us to work in Perth for two weeks. We prepared a 30min installation piece that we presented at King Street Arts Center as a conclusion of our residency...
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  • Something SEED

    In conclusion of our SEED residency at STRUT Dance Something Machine would like to invite you to an informal presentation. Something Machine is comprised of five artists that have been collaborating in various constellations with creators such as Amos Ben-Tal (NL), Amala Dianor (F), Emanuel Gat (F)...
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  • It’s a wrap!

    2018 is a wrap and it’s time to say thank you for a year full of exciting projects! I feel really really lucky that I’m able to work with so many great people and institutions around the world. I performed 35 times across 7 countries, spent 10 weeks creating (and restaging) 5 different works with...
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  • A rehearsal day with Something Machine

    Thinking Dancers

    What just happened here? • A rehearsal day with Something Machine • The 2nd Excessive Rudeness • Pansun Kim • Michael Loehr • Genevieve Osbone • Milena Twiehaus • Thinking dancers • No idiots • Instant replay • Right or wrong? • The strongest section • Information overload • She cooknektor • Chuck • Petite...
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  • Excessive Facts Pt. I

    In preparation for our upcoming residency at STRUT Dance in Perth Something Machine (Pansun Kim, Genevieve Osborne, Milena Twiehaus and I) met at Tanzfabrik Berlin this week to continue working on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS. As part of our research into the theme of observation we started collecting a whole bunch of (more or less)...
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  • Dance against prejudice

    Tanec Praha just celebrated its 30th anniversary, presenting a total of one hundred events and attracting over 9.000 visitors in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. Under the motto Dance against prejudice this year’s edition presented productions by Jiří Kylián, Eun Me-Ahn, Louise Lecavalier, Germaine Arcogny, Emanuel Gat & Awir Leon and many more. From...
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