Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Berlin, Germany. Browse through updates on his latest projects, check out new videos and photos, and discover the things that inspire his work...

Reality check

Time for a reality check: ZEIT ONLINE talked to me about my finances for their column Kontoauszug (German for bank statement). If you were wondering what made me choose this career…it was very obviously not for money reasons. Building a career as a freelancer takes guts and a lot of persistence. But to anticipate a common question from people outside the...
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Sunny at Dansens Hus

Slippery, free and sunny

Who doesn’t love Google Translate? It’s not only one of the most useful web tools out there, but probably also the most poetic. It doesn’t just translate the content of an article but adds an almost artistic layer to it. At least to my weird mind. SUNNY at Stockholm’s Dansens Hus was a big success. We had a great time...
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Härlig Fotografiska

Stockholm’s Fotografiska is definitely no ordinary museum. It’s a beautiful and impressive center for contemporary photography, a glorious place celebrating the arts and life itself. Fotografiska consists of 2,500 square meters and also houses a book shop, a restaurant (with a stunning view over Stockholm and its waterfront), and a commercial gallery. The Fotografiska Academy offers courses and workshops on...
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Becoming Animal

Traveling for work can be exhausting at times, but it can also fuel you with inspiration and ideas. As was the case when visiting the Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen and the great exhibition BECOMING ANIMAL. BECOMING ANIMAL is curated by Claus Carstensen, who is also a collector and a contributing artist. It’s a thought provoking exhibition that brutally and...
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From Montpellier to Paris

SUNNY, like all of Emanuel’s work, is continuously evolving, changing and growing. The piece we premiered at the Venice Biennale in June 2016 surely looks very different from the piece we’re currently performing. The choreographic material, our set of rules and the framework in which we move stayed exactly the same but our choices and hence the result has changed....
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STORY WATER @ Festival d’Avignon 2018
19.07. – 23.07. in Avignon, France

01.08. – 05.08. in Rome, Italy

13.08. – 17.08. in Berlin, Germany



Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer who is collaborating with a number of international choreographers and companies. Enjoying the challenge to adapt to different surroundings and to switch between styles, his way of moving is characterised by both an emphasis on clarity and the joy of embracing the awkward. 


Michael Loehr is a choreographer with a big interest in autonomous choreographic structures and a focus on discovering rather than executing. His creative skills are channelled in his own choreographies, a variety of projects that he accompanies as choreographic assistant as well as in numerous collaborations as a performer in works that require a choreographic vision.


    Michael Loehr is teaching contemporary dance classes and workshops for professional dancers and beginners alike. Passionately believing in the potential of sharing knowledge and ideas, he considers teaching an essential part of his artistic practice.