OT301 is one of the famous subculture centers of Amsterdam – and it is one of the six protagonists of WITHIN SPACES. The others are a double bass player, a human beatbox and three dancers. They all have a very strong yet different physicality. Loaded with their individual influences, experiences and energies they come together for one evening – one evening charged with what they have in common and what differs between them.

Photos of WITHIN SPACES by Arthur de Smidt

The poetry and power of expression through the human body lies within its energetic charge and kinetic impact that communicates beyond any rational statement. It can address and enhance empathy as well as compassion. It can create openings, provoke cracks in our habitual perception, become an element bridging gaps within society as well as between people and their environment.

Andrea Hackl
Empowering Transformation


Concept: Andrea Hackl

Music: Marko Bonarius, Aymeric Haynaux

Performers: Andrea Hackl, Kenzo Kusuda, Michael Loehr

Performance History

OT301, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

time performed in 2010