Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Berlin, Germany. Browse through updates on his latest projects, check out new videos and photos, and discover the things that inspire his work...

The Unfinished Dance

DUOS is a series of very special projects that combine live choreography by the dancers of Emanuel Gat Dance with the visual art of painter Yifat Gat. Both elements, the choreographic process and the process of painting, happen live in front of an audience. Last month, Chaillot Nomade presented DUOS at Théâtre National de Chaillot (DUO #1-2), Musée d’art moderne de...
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Nothing is really new

Somehow we tend to get intimidated once we enter a theatre to see a dance show. There’s a fear that we don’t understand what it’s all about, that there’s a hidden message that needs to be deciphered. But you don’t have to know a lot about dance to enjoy SUNNY. We’ve all danced before, we’ve all listened to music before, we’ve...
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Self. Territories. Environments. Bodies. Nomads.

RAY 2018 EXTREME is already the third edition of the international photography triennial RAY, presenting outstanding contemporary photography at venues all over Frankfurt and the region. Especially in the age of digitally circulating information, the extreme is booming. So the more extraordinary and marginal an image, the more alluring it is. In the five distinct main exhibitions (Self / Territories...
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A place of fluid metaphors

“STORY WATER is a place of fluid metaphors waiting for new contexts to emerge, so as to reveal new meanings.” The air inside Frankfurt LAB is muggy and the creation process for STORY WATER is in full swing. With the World Premiere coming closer, Emanuel is simultaneously working with the dancers on the choreographic structure of the show while trying...
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Welcome back to the new nightmare

“It’s pop, right? This is my Moby record!” Daniel Lopatin has produced music for Anohni, FKA Twigs and David Byrne, he has created remixes for Nine Inch Nails and Ryuchi Sakamoto, and he won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for GOOD TIME which featured a collaboration with Iggy Pop. On his latest album as Oneohtrix Point Never AGE OF he collaborates...
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13.08. – 17.08. in Berlin, Germany

OPEN CLASSES @ Marameo Berlin
20.08. – 24.08. in Berlin, Germany

STORY WATER @ Beethovenfest Bonn
09.09. in Bonn, Germany



Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer who is collaborating with a number of international choreographers and companies. Enjoying the challenge to adapt to different surroundings and to switch between styles, his way of moving is characterised by both an emphasis on clarity and the joy of embracing the awkward. 


Michael Loehr is a choreographer with a big interest in autonomous choreographic structures and a focus on discovering rather than executing. His creative skills are channelled in his own choreographies, a variety of projects that he accompanies as choreographic assistant as well as in numerous collaborations as a performer in works that require a choreographic vision.


    Michael Loehr is teaching contemporary dance classes and workshops for professional dancers and beginners alike. Passionately believing in the potential of sharing knowledge and ideas, he considers teaching an essential part of his artistic practice.