The musical term transposition refers to the process, or operation, of moving a collection of notes up or down in pitch by a constant interval, while maintaining the same tonal and rhythmical structures.

A free take on that creative procedure. TRANSPOSITION #1 and TRANSPOSITION #2 for the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine, offer two distinct observations on human nature through this process of transposition. Both pieces are playful experimentations with shifting ideas and contents from their original environment into new choreographic modes. The alterations which certain data and systems undergo as a result of that transposition, becomes a way of enhancing visibility while looking into questions relating to people and society.

Photos of TRANSPOSITION #2 by Arno Paul


Choreography: Emanuel Gat

Choreographic Assistance: Hervé Chaussard, Michael Loehr

Music: Emanuel Gat in collaboration with Frédéric Duru

Lights: Emanuel Gat in collaboration with Olivier Bauer

Performers: Jonathan Archambaut, Amandine Biancherine, Jennifer Blasek, Agnès Boulanger, Guillaume Busillet, Valentin Chargy, Pauline Colemard, Justin Cumine, Charles Dalerci, Morgan De Quelen, Fabio Dolce, Dmitri Domojirov, Phanuel Erdmann, Tristan Ihne, Vivien Ingrams, Laure Lescoffy, Valérie Ly-Cuong, Sakiko Oishi, Joris Perez, Marion Rastouil, Elisa Ribes, Yoann Rifosta, Ligia Saldanha

Produced by CCN – Ballet de Lorraine.

total number of performances unknown