BODYDISMORPHIA is Patrick Mason’s third collection, presented to great critical acclaim at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2017 which was held at Berlin’s world famous and notorious Berghain.

In contrast to the conventional fashion week the BAFW is a platform showcasting alternative concepts of upcoming international designers and fashion enthusiasts, connecting the intersection between fashion, music and art.

With BODYDISMORPHIA Patrick Mason transformed the phenomenon of having a distorted view on how one looks into a series of bold gender bending designs, creating extraordinary silhouettes through asymmetric patterns and layered looks, redefining what is flawed and what is beautiful.

Photos of BODYDISMORPHIA by Daniel Gebhardt and Rafael Poschmann

Especially the show of Maison Mason felt like a tribute to Berghain’s unique essence. Accompanied by the projection of a sinister gothic church interior that brought to mind the religious way Berghain is being worshipped by its visitors, it commenced with a thrilling dance performance that impressed probably all audience members, including internationally famed singer Peaches that we briefly chatted with during the break.


Concept and Fashion Design: Patrick Mason

Choreography and Performance: Michael Loehr

Music: Arca, Radioslave

Models: Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice, Daniel Hernandez, Alexander Ostojski, Sissi Pohle, Matteo Rescazzi, Pari Roehi, Léon C. Romeike, Frieder Sell, Essaw Tesfom Tekle, Andrew Warholla

Produced by Maison Mason and Berlin Alternative Fashion Week.

Performance History

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2017
Halle am Berghain, Berlin, Germany

time performed in 2017


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