Observation, to observe, to be observed. Observation is one of the first tools we use to learn, and interact with our surroundings, and is more influential than we are sometimes aware of. Not only are we constantly monitored but we also actively participate in this observation game, for example by turning surveillance into spectacle on social media.

How does this game of watching and being watched alter our decisions? Does it encourage the development of patterns? Is the pattern a formula in which we all play essential (predictable) roles? Do we develop particular characteristics because of it?

SOMETHING MACHINE delves into this aspect of our culture to come away, if not with answers, at least with more questions.

Research photos for THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS

– I think everything and everyone should be seen. And to be seen, we need to be watched. The two go hand in hand.

– But who wants to be watched all the time?

– I do. I want to be seen. I want proof I existed.

Dave Eggers
The Circle


Concept by Something Machine (Pansun Kim, Michael Loehr, Genevieve Osborne, Francois Przybylski, Milena Twiehaus)

Performers: Pansun Kim, Michael Loehr, Genevieve Osborne, Milena Twiehaus

Music: Awir Leon

Artistic advice: Amos Ben-Tal

Produced with the support of Seoul Dance Center and STRUT Dance – The National Choreographic Center of Western Australia. With additional support by Korzo and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Performance History

Seoul Dance Center (Work in Progress)

STRUT Dance (Work in Progress)

Upcoming shows

in production


  • A little something

    Silvana Ranaudo from Nuova Officina della Danza invited me to teach a workshop for her students in Torino, Italy. Besides my usual focus on floorwork I tried to introduce the students to the awkwardness of Something Machine. We spent some time exploring movement material from THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS...
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  • Attempts without worth

    STRUT Dance - The National Choreographic Center of Western Australia chose Something Machine as one of the recipients of their sought-after SEED residencies and invited us to work in Perth for two weeks. We prepared a 30min installation piece that we presented at King Street Arts Center as a conclusion of our residency...
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  • Something SEED

    In conclusion of our SEED residency at STRUT Dance Something Machine would like to invite you to an informal presentation. Something Machine is comprised of five artists that have been collaborating in various constellations with creators such as Amos Ben-Tal (NL), Amala Dianor (F), Emanuel Gat (F)...
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  • A rehearsal day with Something Machine

    Thinking Dancers

    What just happened here? • A rehearsal day with Something Machine • The 2nd Excessive Rudeness • Pansun Kim • Michael Loehr • Genevieve Osbone • Milena Twiehaus • Thinking dancers • No idiots • Instant replay • Right or wrong? • The strongest section • Information overload • She cooknektor • Chuck • Petite...
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  • Excessive Facts Pt. I

    In preparation for our upcoming residency at STRUT Dance in Perth Something Machine (Pansun Kim, Genevieve Osborne, Milena Twiehaus and I) met at Tanzfabrik Berlin this week to continue working on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS. As part of our research into the theme of observation we started collecting a whole bunch of (more or less)...
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  • Am I facing the wrong way?

    The work on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS continues. My colleagues from SOMETHING MACHINE and I are still processing all the material we created during our residency at Seoul Dance Center, simultaneously preparing for the upcoming SEED residency program at STRUT Dance in Perth, and sending out applications for new opportunities. THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS will...
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  • The Iron Dobbin 1933

    Attempts without worth

    ATTEMPTS WITHOUT WORTH V.1 Everyone here remembers my horse. Is facing the right horse even wrong? Can’t the eel walk 5 Steps? With snaps and stabs it flew. The guy gradually climbs the horse and sees his purse rise off his seat. He’s so up himself, his reflection vomits confidence. You cross and he forgets...
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  • Something Machine x STRUT

    The end of the year is fast approaching and holiday season is almost here, but it’s never too late to share some good news: I am beyond excited to announce that SOMETHING MACHINE‘s project THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS was chosen for STRUT Dance’s precious SEED residency program. STRUT is the National Choreographic Center of Western Australia. A...
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  • Watched!

    While preparing for SOMETHING MACHINE’s residency at Seoul Dance Center and researching on the themes of observation and surveillance, i came across the exhibition Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography, a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation, Valand Academy, Kunsthal Aarhus, Galleri Image, ARoS and C/O Berlin. Watched! is part of a research initiated by Louise Wolthers,...
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  • Something Machine goes Korea

    I’m super happy to announce that SOMETHING MACHINE got invited for a first residency at Seoul Dance Center! We’ll be working on our production THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS from 18 – 29th September 2017. Thanks so much for this opportunity, no machine can be happier about this machine!
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