Transformation, movement, motion, e-motion, borders, encounters, sensation, touch, listening, one, one moment, instant, impulse, start, journey, discovery, surprise, change, speed, adaption, beginning, end, becoming, you, me, us, we, in space, running, diving, moving, turning, breathing, feeling, sensing, seeing, meeting, knowing, letting go, being, just being, constantly changing, flowing, transforming…

Photos of TEJAS by José Rodrigues Gomes

As artists we have the power, if not responsibility, to question the status-quo, to give visibility to issues, to create shifts of perception and to trigger dialogue. We can create change and transformation, if we reach, touch and move others; if we create wonder and inspiration – intrinsic motivation.

Andrea Hackl


Concept: Andrea Hackl

Music: Marko Bonarius, Aymeric Haynaux

Performers: Andrea Hackl, Michael Loehr, Sylvain Meret

Performance History

Badhuistheater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

time performed in 2010