Michael Loehr

Nothing is really new

Somehow we tend to get intimidated once we enter a theatre to see a dance show. There’s a fear that we don’t understand what it’s all about, that there’s a hidden message that needs to be deciphered. But you don’t have to know a lot about dance to enjoy SUNNY. We’ve all danced before, we’ve all...
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Self. Territories. Environments. Bodies. Nomads.

RAY 2018 EXTREME is already the third edition of the international photography triennial RAY, presenting outstanding contemporary photography at venues all over Frankfurt and the region. Especially in the age of digitally circulating information, the extreme is booming. So the more extraordinary and marginal an image, the more alluring it is. In the five distinct...
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A place of fluid metaphors

“STORY WATER is a place of fluid metaphors waiting for new contexts to emerge, so as to reveal new meanings.” The air inside Frankfurt LAB is muggy and the creation process for STORY WATER is in full swing. With the World Premiere coming closer, Emanuel is simultaneously working with the dancers on the choreographic structure...
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Welcome back to the new nightmare

“It’s pop, right? This is my Moby record!” Daniel Lopatin has produced music for Anohni, FKA Twigs and David Byrne, he has created remixes for Nine Inch Nails and Ryuchi Sakamoto, and he won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for GOOD TIME which featured a collaboration with Iggy Pop. On his latest album as Oneohtrix Point...
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Artists & Robots

It’s always a good sign if an exhibition manages to surprise you. ARTISTES ET ROBOTS at the Grand Palais in Paris did just that. I wonder if it’s due to the combination of being intelligently curated while still being really entertaining that most visitors had a much slower pace then usually seen in art museums....
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Am I facing the wrong way?

The work on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS continues. My colleagues from SOMETHING MACHINE and I are still processing all the material we created during our residency at Seoul Dance Center, simultaneously preparing for the upcoming SEED residency program at STRUT Dance in Perth, and sending out applications for new opportunities. THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS will...
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Reality check

Time for a reality check: ZEIT ONLINE talked to me about my finances for their column Kontoauszug (German for bank statement). If you were wondering what made me choose this career…it was very obviously not for money reasons. Building a career as a freelancer takes guts and a lot of persistence. But to anticipate a common...
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Sunny at Dansens Hus

Slippery, free and sunny

Who doesn’t love Google Translate? It’s not only one of the most useful web tools out there, but probably also the most poetic. It doesn’t just translate the content of an article but adds an almost artistic layer to it. At least to my weird mind. SUNNY at Stockholm’s Dansens Hus was a big success....
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Härlig Fotografiska

Stockholm’s Fotografiska is definitely no ordinary museum. It’s a beautiful and impressive center for contemporary photography, a glorious place celebrating the arts and life itself. Fotografiska consists of 2,500 square meters and also houses a book shop, a restaurant (with a stunning view over Stockholm and its waterfront), and a commercial gallery. The Fotografiska Academy...
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Becoming Animal

Traveling for work can be exhausting at times, but it can also fuel you with inspiration and ideas. As was the case when visiting the Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen and the great exhibition BECOMING ANIMAL. BECOMING ANIMAL is curated by Claus Carstensen, who is also a collector and a contributing artist. It’s a thought...
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