MUD Centro ArteMente (2023) MUD was designed to introduce the students of ArteMente to the choreographic world of Emanuel Gat Dance. In the accelerated creation process, the dancers were co-creators, relating to one another through their movements within a confined framework of choreographic rules. Rather than recreating an existing piece of Gat repertoire, MUD works […]


SQUEEZE Nuova Officina della Danza (2022) From fleeting encounters to lasting friendships, it’s always more exciting to engage with those around you than to be completely on your own. Dance is no exception, at least if we leave aside the unquestionably enriching but nevertheless solitary transcendental experiences during a rave and turn instead to the […]
Sacre by Emanuel Gat for SUB.LAB.PRO


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SACRE SUB.LAB.PRO (2022) ONYX is the second triple premier of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program, a creative platform designed to foster a realistic appreciation of a company-like working environment offering a complete toolkit to thrive in the professional artistic field. In the second half of the season the Ensemble dancers worked together with three choreographers getting […]


SUNNY Staatsballett Berlin (2019) For several years, Emanuel Gat has been one of the leading personalities in the field of contemporary dance. Now, for the first time, the choreographer will work together with Staatsballett Berlin on the recreation of Sunny, not without extensively developing the vibrant experiment of structure and emotion anew. Staatsballett Berlin will […]


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THE CIRCLE SCOTTISH DANCE THEATRE (2019) THE CIRCLE emerges as a piece that tells the story of 12 individuals. Focusing on the dancers’ acute relationship with each other, its shifting, alternating energies create an intimate visual and emotional performance.


THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS SOMETHING MACHINE (2017-19) Observation, to observe, to be observed. Observation is one of the first tools we use to learn, and interact with our surroundings, and is more influential than we are sometimes aware of. Not only are we constantly monitored but we also actively participate in this observation game, for […]


BODYDISMORPHIA MAISON MASON (2017) BODYDISMORPHIA is Patrick Mason’s third collection, presented to great critical acclaim at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2017 which was held at Berlin’s world famous and notorious Berghain. In contrast to the conventional fashion week the BAFW is a platform showcasting alternative concepts of upcoming international designers and fashion enthusiasts, connecting the intersection […]


LE ROUGE ET LE NOIR MONTPELLIER DANSE – MÉTROPOLE EN CRÉATION (2016) The project MÉTROPOLE EN CRÉATION is an attempt to bring contemporary dance to the smaller cities surrounding Montpellier and extend the festival’s activities to the whole region. Emanuel Gat invited a group of 8 young dancers on the verge of becoming professionals to […]


GAT’S JIN XING DANCE THEATRE (2015) GAT’S was created as part of the triple bill TRINITY for Jin Xing Dance Theatre, the company of China’s most popular contemporary choreographer and TV host. Set to an original score by Emanuel Gat himself, the piece focuses on the individuality of the dancers as well as on the trust, […]


IDA ? CEDAR LAKE CONTEMPORARY BALLET (2014) A dense layering of scores – choreographic, vocal, textual and musical – IDA ? is a playful contemplation on the nature of human relations. Through continuous shifts and tampering with both visual and aural perceptions, the work explores and questions group behaviors and the navigation of individuals within […]
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