Emanuel Gat
Träume by Emanuel Gat Dance


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  TRÄUME EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2023) In a letter of June 1849 to Franz Liszt, one of his few influential allies at the time, Wagner wrote “I must make people afraid of me. Well, I have no money, but what I do have is an enormous desire to commit acts of artistic terrorism”. Wagner had […]

Chaillot / Parade

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  CHAILLOT / PARADE EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2022) Originally, seven shows of LOVETRAIN2020, a creation by Emanuel Gat, were planned at Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse from March 31 to April 8, 2021. Each of these was to be accompanied by a performance, before the show, entitled Défilé, imagined as a moving exhibition […]
Sacre by Emanuel Gat for SUB.LAB.PRO


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SACRE SUB.LAB.PRO (2022) ONYX is the second triple premier of SUB.LAB.PRO The Ensemble Program, a creative platform designed to foster a realistic appreciation of a company-like working environment offering a complete toolkit to thrive in the professional artistic field. In the second half of the season the Ensemble dancers worked together with three choreographers getting […]


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  ACT II & III OR THE UNEXPECTED RETURN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2021) In January 2021, choreographer Emanuel Gat and his company found themselves in a dance studio in Metz; performances that had already been planned were cancelled due to COVID-19. Instead of despairing over the situation, Gat developed a crazy […]


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  LOVETRAIN2020 EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2020) After working with scores by Pierre Boulez, Rebecca Saunders and Gat himself for STORY WATER, his last production for Festival d’Avignon 2018, Emanuel Gat pursues his long time exploration of the meeting points between the choreographic and the musical, the visual and the auditory, and the potentials they hold […]


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THE CIRCLE SCOTTISH DANCE THEATRE (2019) THE CIRCLE emerges as a piece that tells the story of 12 individuals. Focusing on the dancers’ acute relationship with each other, its shifting, alternating energies create an intimate visual and emotional performance.


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STORY WATER EMANUEL GAT DANCE & ENSEMBLE MODERN (2018) STORY WATER is an intermediary. It is warm water, it is bread. It is a garden. It is the story of dancing bodies, of music being played, of colour and line, and of the light that hides and shows it all. It is an intermediary put […]


GAT’S JIN XING DANCE THEATRE (2015) GAT’S was created as part of the triple bill TRINITY for Jin Xing Dance Theatre, the company of China’s most popular contemporary choreographer and TV host. Set to an original score by Emanuel Gat himself, the piece focuses on the individuality of the dancers as well as on the trust, […]