Nuova Officina della Danza (2022)

From fleeting encounters to lasting friendships, it’s always more exciting to engage with those around you than to be completely on your own. Dance is no exception, at least if we leave aside the unquestionably enriching but nevertheless solitary transcendental experiences during a rave and turn instead to the peculiarities of choreographic systems and crowd-pleasing performances. Danced interactions get the victory over decorative gestures and creative self-exploration. Technical virtuosity is retrograde, community is the new black. A coy smile, a cheeky squeeze, a multitude of beginnings.

Photos of SQUEEZE by Michael Loehr

I am not so much interested in expressing a preconceived idea through the means of dance, but rather in exploring the possibilities of choreography as a way for dancers to enter into dialogue through their movement. It is above all the craft aspects that attract me to choreography. Poetry and meaning inevitably emerge when observing the finished product, not through planning at the drawing board.

Michael Loehr
Interplay Festival 2022


Choreography: Michael Loehr

Music: Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells

Performers: Carmel Bar, Phoebe Chanioti, Csenge Csutak, Alena Egorkina, Julien Guibourg, Jonathan Layton, Amir Montemaggi, Alara Setareh Mortazavi, Astrid Johanne Ødegård, Lumi Pontoreau Odinet, Rebecca Pantano, Caterina Piergiovanni, Hanna Schaar, Philippa Shakerley, Avgoustina Triarou, Alex Wolf

Produced by Nuova Officina della Danza & Mosaico Danza for Interplay Festival 2022.

Performance History

Interplay Festival 2022
Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy

Interplay Festival 2022
Lavanderia a Vapore, Turin, Italy

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