Mud created by Michael Loehr. Music by Awir Leon. Production for Centro Artemente, Milano. 2023


Centro ArteMente (2023)

MUD was designed to introduce the students of ArteMente to the choreographic world of Emanuel Gat Dance. In the accelerated creation process, the dancers were co-creators, relating to one another through their movements within a confined framework of choreographic rules. Rather than recreating an existing piece of Gat repertoire, MUD works with familiar ideas to explore them under a new light. It’s more of an artistic playground than a showcase of virtuosity; more of a laboratory than a straight-jacketed statement. Awir Leon’s songs are meant to emphasize the immediacy of the work. Far from intellectuality and pretentiousness … all hands in the mud.

Rehearsal photos of MUD by Michael Loehr

Each specific choreographic piece, is to be found within the group of dancers in front of you. It can not be a pre existing external concept imposed upon them. Different dancers mean different works.

Choreography is a hand made artifact, refusing any form of transcription or reproduction. For the simple reason both its subject matter and operating mechanisms, are relying on living individual human beings.

Emanuel Gat
Choreographer's Notes


Choreography: Michael Loehr

Rehearsal Director: Arianna Cunsolo

Music: Awir Leon

Performers: Angelo Attila, Alessandro Bonacina, Anna Bonechi, Alessia Carraro, Sara Cavada, Carlotta Colombo, Maria Sole Di Giovanna, Luca Filoscia, Alice Fornara, Elisanna Gagliardi, Matteo Käppeli, Sofia La Rosa, Benedetta Lupo, Angelica Maltese, Stefania Minichiello, Giada Motta, Chiara Mucciarella, Francesca Pagnini, Giorgia Tedeschi, Matilde Tienni, Laura Volta

Produced by Centro ArteMente & Teatro Pim Off

Performance History

ArteMente in Scena 2023
Teatro PimOff, Milano, Italy

time performed in 2023