Jan 7, 2019 in Performing

Emanuel Gat's DUOS

There is alway something special about performing Emanuel Gat’s DUOS. You never know what’s gonna happen. Each show takes place under different circumstances, in a different setting, and with a different partner. And dancing in full body paint (created spontaneously by artist Yifat Gat for each show, sometimes in front of the audience) can be both unsettling and empowering. The fact of performing almost naked in such close proximity to the spectators is very delicate, but at times the paint can function as a sort of armour.

Julia Gat took some pictures during our shows at deSingel in Antwerp. Check them out in the gallery below…


DUOS / Emanuel Gat Dance

Concept: Emanuel Gat
Created in collaboration with and interpreted by: Thomas Bradley & Michael Loehr
Bodypainting: Yifat Gat

Photos: Julia Gat
deSingel, Antwerp 14.12.2018