Apply now for my workshop at Nuova Officina Della Danza (NOD) in Torino, Italy!

It will be an intense week of exploring my approach to contemporary technique and floorwork. The workshop will develop from pure body-work / work-out exercises towards complex choreographic sequences. Some of the basic principles which are constantly worked with are: finding, strengthening and shifting the center, resting and exploding into space, and taking risks. While working with material that is very athletic and energetic, we’ll also focus on increasing the physical awareness in order to keep the body safe. It‘s an essential part of my work to discover and make full use of the logic that underlies every movement phrase. Based on that understanding the participants will be encouraged to take their own decisions in order to strengthen their individual expression as a performer.

The workshop will take place from 24 – 28th September 2018 at the Centro Danza Royal (Via San Marino 89/14, 10137 Torino, Italy). 

Working hours will be Monday/Tuesday/Thurday from 10:00 – 13:30 and Wednesday/Friday from 11:00 – 14:00.

The workshop fee is 130€ for NOD members and 158,60€ for non-members. It is included into NOD’s International Contemporary dance Program and open to 7 external dancers.


You can either join a full trimester of NOD’s International Contemporary Dance Program and work with inspiring teachers like Iñaki Azpillaga, Sita Ostheimer, Matan David, Tom Weinberger, Keren Rosenberg, Georg Reischl, Bryan Arias and myself or apply for a single workshop. 

In case you’re interested in the full program that NOD offers have a look at the video below to learn more:

Photo of Michael Loehr by Tobias Brückner
Header photo by Julia Gat