This is not my inspiration of the day. This is inspiration for a lot of days to come. This is about a great group of people who do the right thing: help!

Maarten Hunink and his many collaborators from NOT A FACTORY decided to do something good and possibly change the course of people’s lives. With refugees arriving every single day on the beaches of Greece and thousands of them living in isolated camps, there is little chance to live a normal life. Greece is a beautiful country but it is also in the midst of an economic crisis. With the war happening at home and the borders to all other European countries closed, a huge number of refugees are stuck in a country where the opportunities for them to work and develop are extremely limited. NOT A FACTORY thought there must be a way to use the refugees’ strengths and talents to turn their seemingly hopeless situation into something new.

Many refugees have expertise in tailoring and Greece has great resources in the textile and clothing industry. So to make a start NOT A FACTORY wants to produce 1.000 organic T-shirts. It’s an opportunity to create work for refugees currently living in camps, and a support for a healthy Greek economy. Go get yourself one of these T-shirts and help people get back on their own feet!

Take a moment to have a look at NOT A FACTORY’s video for their This is not a T-Shirt campaign. Maarten can explain the whole project and the ideas behind it much better:

Visit to get more information, to learn about the people behind this great project and to support the refugees in Greece. This is not a T-Shirt. This is so much more!

Header Photo by Mercia Moseley.