Jun 16, 2020 in Teaching

Marameo Summer Program 2020

Marameo’s Summer Program 2020 is finally online and I’m happy to teach an Emanuel Gat Dance Repertoire-Workshop with Karolina Szymura. We will focus on two distinct pieces: SACRE and LOVETRAIN2020, the company’s latest work. The workshop will explore the process and ideas behind the pieces and reconstruct specific sections together with the participants, allowing an insight into the work of the company.

At the moment Marameo is still limited to max. 11 people in the studio, so we will be working with a small group of dancers. In the wake of COVID-19 Marameo also decided to offer their intensive workshops for dancers for a solidarity fee of 150€.

Head over to Marameo’s website to register and to to check all current rules and regulations for your studio visit.

Emanuel Gat Dance Repertoire-Workshop