I’ve been listening to this mix full of Japanese awesomeness for days now. Croatian-based Dimensions Festival recently launched a program that highlights up-and-coming talents in a regular mix series in order to introduce them to a bigger audience.

This 18th edition off their DJ Directory is a super fun mix from London-based DJ and illustrator anu. Taking a break from her radio program on NTS Radio and Rinse FM, she’s compiled a Japan-focused mix that moves through lounge-soul, goofy ambient sounds, spacey disco and breezy city pop from Harumi Hosono and Tatsuro Yamashita. Take a listen:

This mix consists of Japanese music, most of which I’ve been finding for about a year and saving it up for a special mix like this. It starts off with one of the most captivating pieces of music I’ve heard all year and ends with a track by one of my favourite Japanese artists. In the middle you’ll find some music new wave/electronic sounds that wouldn’t be completely out of place on a children’s TV show. All of these tracks hold very special memories for me, so I hope you enjoy it!

A few words from anu