Being a longtime collaborator of Emanuel Gat, Michael has been teaching different kinds of workshops focusing on Emanuel’s philosophy and creative process, ranging from physical introductions for amateurs before a performance all the way to challenging professional dancers with Emanuel’s unique approach to dance making.

Through the exploration of simple tasks, which are later combined into complex multi-layered choreographic structures, the participants learn how to move freely inside an environment with a clear set of rules. While raising the dancer’s awareness and their ability to observe their surroundings, by increasing their skills to process information instantly and by encouraging them to take responsibility and constantly make decisions, the choreographic process is turned into a playful game.

Photos by Emanuel Gat and Michael Loehr


Ballet Sumber Cipta School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Conservatoire régional du Grand Nancy, Nancy, France

Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2017
Scenario Pubblico, Catania, Italy

Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2018 – 2019
Dance Arts Faculty, Rome, Italy

Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2020
La Friche, Marseille, France

Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2021 – 2022
Ballet National de Marseille, Marseille, France

Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2023
Scène 44, Marseille, France

KLAP Maison pour la Danse, Marseille, France

La Filature, Mulhouse, France

Maison de la Danse, Istres, France

Marameo, Berlin, Germany

Montpellier Danse, Montpellier, France

Tanz im August, Berlin, Germany

Theater Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

ZZT / Cologne University for Music and Dance, Cologne, Germany

Upcoming dates

I find that the most effective way in which I can establish the logics and intentions of my work, is by framing the process clearly and efficiently, and then letting the dancers create their own content within that.

I feel that trying to come up with and control the content of a choreography, from an external position (which is the usual choreographer’s one, whether one likes it or not), handicaps the creative process and disempowers the dancers by limiting them to only being vehicles for someone else’s ideas, thoughts and vision.

Frame the situation clearly, lean back, observe and wait.

Emanuel Gat
Choreographer's Notes


  • EGD Summer Intensive 2018

    When in Rome

    Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five day Summer Intensive in Rome, aimed at professional dancers as well as dance students and young dancers making their first steps as professional dance artists. The Summer Intensive will be held in two separate groups (16-22 years old and 22-35 years old) and will be led by Sara...
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  • The early bird saves the money

    I’m excited that Marameo Berlin invited me to teach a two day workshop focusing on my work with Emanuel Gat Dance. It will be a choreographic workshop for professional dancers with the aim to give an insight into the creative process behind Emanuel Gat’s creations. Simple tasks focusing on co-dependence and interrelation will be combined...
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  • Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive

    EGD Summer Intensive in Catania

    It’s happening. The 1st Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive is taking place next week in the studios of Scenario Pubblico in Catania, Italy. Emanuel, Sara Wilhelmsson and myself will work with an inspiring group of dance students and young professionals and introduce them to the company’s creative process. More information about EMANUEL GAT DANCE WORKSHOPS on...
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