I’m excited that Marameo Berlin invited me to teach a two day workshop focusing on my work with Emanuel Gat Dance. It will be a choreographic workshop for professional dancers with the aim to give an insight into the creative process behind Emanuel Gat’s creations.

Simple tasks focusing on co-dependence and interrelation will be combined into complex multi-layered choreographic structures, challenging the participants to move freely inside an environment with a clear set of rules.

By raising the dancers’ awareness and their ability to observe their surroundings, by increasing their skills to process information instantly and by encouraging them to take responsibility and constantly make decisions, the choreographic process is turned into a playful game.

Emanuel Gat Workshop Marameo Berlin


Please head over to the Facebook Event Page to find more information and contact Marameo directly under workshops@marameo.de to register. Be an early bird, what are you waiting for?