Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five day Summer Intensive in Rome, aimed at professional dancers as well as dance students and young dancers making their first steps as professional dance artists.

The Summer Intensive will be held in two separate groups (16-22 years old and 22-35 years old) and will be led by Sara Wilhelmsson and myself. Emanuel will be present and working directly with the participants throughout the course.

The course will introduce the dancers to the teachings and methodology developed during the past 25 years, proposing an insight to the unique philosophy and process of Emanuel Gat.

An opportunity to dive into intense dance making, the exploration of new ways to approach choreography and dance, and an intimate encounter with the creative world of Emanuel Gat. A final public presentation will close the Summer Intensive.


Application modalities:

Dancers are welcome to send their CVs and a short video to Noemie Torz before April 15th. Please mention if you’re applying for the group of professional dancers or the group for young dancers and students. A confirmation will be sent to you on April 18th.



To get an idea about what to expect from the Summer Intensive you can watch this short film made by Alley Oop during a four day workshop with Emanuel at KLAP Maison pour la Danse in December 2014.