Celebrating the release of UTOPIA next week (out November 24th via One Little Indian Records), my Inspiration of the Day is: Björk!

Yes, it’s an obvious choice, but even 24 years after releasing her debut album her work is still groundbreaking and inspiring in so many ways. Really can’t wait to hear the full new album.

If you’re a Björk fanboy or fangirl and interested in reading a bit more about her relationship with Arca, her dream of utopia and her working process check out Björk: utopia now on DAZEDDIGITAL.COM and Björk on Björk: The inimitable Icelandic superstar interviews herself on WMAGAZINE.COM.


But what i actually wanna share with you are two things:

It’s not exactly a secret but it’s maybe a little less widely known that somewhen around 2015 Björk started DJing publicly. One of her first gigs was an hour-long surprise DJ set for Tri Angle Records’ 5th anniversary party in NYC. 

If you’re up for something unique, listen to this eclectic set spanning artists like Sufi-Singer Abida Parveen, Kate Bush, The Haxan Cloak, Lotic, Death Grips, Brandy and many many more. It is still one of my all-time favorites.

The second one is a totally gorgeous and brand new mix for MIXMAG. It was only released a few hours ago and it’s a lush and atmospheric mix that unsurprisingly features some of the most cutting edge and innovative artists out there… combined with a variety of birdsong from Venezuela and Iceland. Lean back and enjoy! 

Header Photo by Santiago Felipe