DUOS EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2017) DUOS, created originally for Montpellier Danse 2017, is a series of site specific duets performed by different couples in different locations. Very flexible in terms of locations, length, and the overall structuring of the event, DUOS is an experimentation with live choreography. DUOS is a collaboration with painter and visual artist […]


BODYDISMORPHIA MAISON MASON (2017) BODYDISMORPHIA is Patrick Mason’s third collection, presented to great critical acclaim at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2017 which was held at Berlin’s world famous and notorious Berghain. In contrast to the conventional fashion week the BAFW is a platform showcasting alternative concepts of upcoming international designers and fashion enthusiasts, connecting the intersection […]


SUNNY EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2016) Emanuel Gat together with Awir Leon, producer, musician and performer, created SUNNY as a multi-layered event, juxtaposing a live musical concert with a vibrant choreographic exploration. An explosion of ideas, SUNNY is a flowing free-from merging new sounds with an in-depth questioning about contemporary choreographic possibilities.


GOLD EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2015) GOLD is the 2015 version of THE GOLDLANDBERGS premiered in 2013 for Montepllier Danse. The piece uses choreography as a method of organizing and articulating thought through the exploration of the complex and dynamic webs of human relations. It looks at people, observes their conduct and behavior, attempting to unveil their motives and […]


PLAGE ROMANTIQUE EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2014) A choreographic musical, PLAGE ROMANTIQUE overlaps vocal, musical, textual and choreographic scores through a cheerful exploration of performance modalities. Juxtaposing the visual and audible while riding clusters of emerging systems, the nine performers navigate between new languages and old stories.


NAIROBACH UNTERWEGSTHEATER HEIDELBERG (2014) NAIROBACH is the conclusion of the relationship between Unterwegstheater Heidelberg and its partners in Kenya‘s capital city, Nairobi. What started as a dance project for children in the slums led to a collaboration with the local professional dance scene. NAIROBACH is a get-together of different cultures, different dance styles and different […]


DANSES DE COUR EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2013) DANSES DE COUR is a modular site-specific choreographic event. At its centre lay a number of choreographic building blocks, highly flexible in their editing and structuring options, relating to the immediate environment in which they are performed. music, lighting, costumes and set as well as the performance space […]


CORNER ETUDES EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2013) CORNER ETUDES is an evening of four short pieces by Emanuel Gat and a continuation of the themes and ideas explored in BRILLIANT CORNERS, the company’s production from 2011. All four are a sort of zoom-in into different aspects of choreography making, and as a consequence, a reflection on […]


THE GOLDLANDBERGS EMANUEL GAT DANCE (2013) THE GOLDLANDBERGS is the story of a family. Less a story of factual narratives, but more of a metaphoric comment on life through the intimate glimpse at the complex nature of human relations. The choreographic score stands as a threshold to the quiet ecstasy of individuals engaging with each […]


THE ROCKING CHAIR SEBASTIAN BRUECKNER (2012) THE ROCKING CHAIR, shot and produced in the summer of 2012 in Liverpool, is an experimental film by Tokyo-based 3D animation artist and filmmaker Sebastian Brueckner. THE ROCKING CHAIR takes its audience on a surreal journey, following the film’s main character into a world between dream and reality. 
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