THE ROCKING CHAIR, shot and produced in the summer of 2012 in Liverpool, is an experimental film by Tokyo-based 3D animation artist and filmmaker Sebastian Brueckner. THE ROCKING CHAIR takes its audience on a surreal journey, following the film’s main character into a world between dream and reality. 

Film stills from THE ROCKING CHAIR

Thoughts and ideas are transient appearances. They get lost too often. […] The deepest connection is probably when we attach thoughts to emotion. Linked with the shared experience the connection will sit tight, even if the tide comes in. Like waves of curiosity rarely fail to persuade us, they uncover an initial energy that can spark things into motion.

Sebastian Brueckner
The Rocking Chair


Direction, Camera and Production: Sebastian Brueckner

Music: Sam Crombie

Performers: Sebastian Brueckner, Tobias Brueckner, Hollie Ann Coleman, Jack Darell, Michael Loehr, Sinead Peacock, Amy Ryan Brew, Andrea Schiefer, Laura Spark, Lizy Whiting

Costume Design: Costumologists (Frances Heap, Maria Luisa Olmos)

Body Make Up & Props: Amy Ryan Brew

Set Builders: Guy Anderson, Mike Kerslake

Additional Camera: Jack Whitely

total number of screenings unknown