Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Berlin, Germany. Browse through updates on his latest projects, check out new videos and photos, and discover the things that inspire his work...

From Montpellier to Paris

SUNNY, like all of Emanuel’s work, is continuously evolving, changing and growing. The piece we premiered at the Venice Biennale in June 2016 surely looks very different from the piece we’re currently performing. The choreographic material, our set of rules and the framework in which we move stayed exactly the same but our choices and hence the result has changed....
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Total inspiration for being as raw and unapologetic as ever on his new mix FETICHE, even after collaborating with some of the music industry’s biggest names like Kanye West, FKA Twigs, Björk, Kelela or Frank Ocean. Here’s 11 minutes of new material and edits by Arca. Get ready for a rough ride!
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Dance and Music

Emanuel sat down with Agnès Izrine to talk about the relationship between dance and music in his work, and his collaborations with electronic musician Awir Leon in SUNNY and the Ensemble Modern in his upcoming creation STORY WATER. Read the full interview below:
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This is not a news post

This is not my inspiration of the day. This is inspiration for a lot of days to come. This is about a great group of people who do the right thing: help! Maarten Hunink and his many collaborators from NOT A FACTORY decided to do something good and possibly change the course of people’s lives. With refugees arriving every single...
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Yes we dance

I am continuing my longstanding collaboration with the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine in Nancy (F) with another week of COMPANY CLASSES (April 09th – 12th) and the workshop ON DANSE (April 11th). The two hour workshop will be open to all levels and introduce the participants to my personal approach to both teaching and creating. You can head over to Ballet...
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STORY WATER @ Cour d’honneur du Palais des Papes
18.06. – 23.06. in Avignon, France

SUNNY @ Tanec Praha 2018
25.06. in Prague, Czech Republic

STORY WATER @ Maison de la danse
12.07. – 16.07. in Istres, France



Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer who is collaborating with a number of international choreographers and companies. Enjoying the challenge to adapt to different surroundings and to switch between styles, his way of moving is characterised by both an emphasis on clarity and the joy of embracing the awkward. 


Michael Loehr is a choreographer with a big interest in autonomous choreographic structures and a focus on discovering rather than executing. His creative skills are channelled in his own choreographies, a variety of projects that he accompanies as choreographic assistant as well as in numerous collaborations as a performer in works that require a choreographic vision.


    Michael Loehr is teaching contemporary dance classes and workshops for professional dancers and beginners alike. Passionately believing in the potential of sharing knowledge and ideas, he considers teaching an essential part of his artistic practice.