Emanuel Gat’s critically acclaimed version of THE RITE OF SPRING combines Igor Stravinsky’s legendary musical score with cuban salsa dancing. At full speed, couples form, break off, partners are changed without the movement stopping, forming an uninterrupted chain of salsa and creating a crescendo of anxiety until the final choice is made.

Photos of THE RITE OF SPRING by Gadi Dagon

Dancing salsa on Stravinsky, it‘s possible – and as a proof we have the burning presentation by Emanuel Gat. His interpretation of THE RITE OF SPRING is both iconoclast and exciting.

Rosita Boisseau
Le Monde


Choreography: Emanuel Gat

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Performers: Roy Assaf, Wendy Cornu, Michael Loehr, Rindra Rasoaveloson, Marie Rual (Mia Alon)

Produced by Emanuel Gat Dance. Co-produced by Suzanne Dellal Centre Tel Aviv, Festival Uzès Danse and Monaco Dance Forum. With the help of the Dellal Foundation, Théâtre de l’Olivier Istres, Ballet Monte-Carlo and the Foundation of Philippe de Rothschild.


SACRE was rewarded with a Bessy Award in 2006 for its performances at Lincoln Center Festival in New York.

Performance History

Scène nationale, Macôn, France

Pavillon Noir, Aix-en-Provence, France

Maison de la Musique, Nanterre, France

Macao Cultural Centre, Macao, China

L‘avant scène, Cognac, France

Le Grand T, Nantes, France

7th Poznan Ballet Festival
Teatr Wielki, Poznan, Poland

France Danse
Molodezhny Theatre on Fontanka, St. Petersburg, Russia

On the Edge
Sverdlovsk Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Tsekh’10 Festival of Dance Theatres
Meyerhold Centre, Mosocw, Russia

times performed between 2009 and 2010