An orchestration of movements, this dance piece is using silence as well as its own live sounds, as a dense, thick, musical environment, open to endless opportunities for melodic, harmonic and dynamic interpretation.

A self-contained dance, SILENT BALLET is a work for 8 dancers, experimenting with different sets of choreographic tools and the transformation they undergo during the process of creation. Starting as parts of growing physical mechanism, those initial sets of tools hold the DNA of a slow unfolding logic with countless references. In many ways, SILENT BALLET is dealing with dance making itself. It exposes the parts of this fine tuned process and allows a glimpse into the alchemy of physical abstraction. questions about dance and beyond are tackled within a bare landscape, in a dance piece stripped to its basic elements.

Photos of SILENT BALLET by Stephanie Berger and Agnès Mellon

Rising choreographer Emanuel Gat trained as a conductor before turning to dance. Oddly, his background shows most clearly in Silent Ballet, a work performed virtually without music. Although there are just eight dancers on stage, the way Gat coordinates them has an almost orchestral feel. […] Even though Gat’s choreography can be spare to the point of minimal, the overall impression is fascinatingly rich.

Judith Mackrell
The Guardian


Choreography: Emanuel Gat

Performers: Hervé Chaussard, Amala Dianor, Andrea Hackl, Pansun Kim, Michael Loehr, Philippe Mesia, Francois Przybylski, Rindra Rasoaveloson

Produced by Emanuel Gat Dance. Co-Produced by Festival Montpellier Danse, Festival RomaEuropa, Sadlers Wells, Lincoln Center Festival, Maison des Arts de Créteil and Régie Culturelle Scènes et Cinés Ouest Provence.

Performance History

Lincoln Center Festival 2009
Rose Theatre, New York City, USA

Kunstfest Weimar
Viehauktionshalle, Weimar, Germany

Scène nationale, Macôn, France

deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium

Chassé Theater, Breda, The Netherlands

Novel Dance Series
Novel Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Printemps Francais
Graha Bhakti Budaya – Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Indonesia

29th MoDaFe
Arko Arts Theater, Seoul, South Korea

Context #8
Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany

Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

times performed between 2009 and 2011