In LET ME CHANGE YOUR NAME dancers of different nationalities come together to explore the meeting and clash of different cultures – creating a world of an alter-reality that transcends normal time and space and allows bodies to be born with different colours. The topic of discourse is the human body. Onstage the spirit of dance and song connects the audience to the same spirit of dance inherent in our ancestors and to the very spirit of jocularity that is moulded from the wisdom of people. In this spirit this production would like to ask if you would like to change your name.

Photos of LET ME CHANGE YOUR NAME by Eunji Park

It’s time to change our names and locations and clear our minds by seeing things from new perspectives. It’s the differences the spur us on. And if we don’t to stand still, we’ll have to learn to understand these differences and trust them. And if we’re to have any chance of surviving together, we’ll have to bring them into harmony with one another. Can we move together in the same direction without recourse to the terms north/south or east/west?

Eun-Me Ahn


Choreography: Eun-Me Ahn

Music: Younggyu Jang

Performers: Eun-Me Ahn, Sally Blatchford, Matthieu Burner, Shinae Han, Wanyoung Jung, Hyekyoung Kim, Michael Loehr

Produced by Ahn Eun-Me Company.

Performance History

Center Stage Korea
Teatro Nacional La Castellana, Bogotá, Colombia

times performed in 2010