The haunting dance production GISELA by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver is based on the 2nd act of the romantic ballet Giselle and the so-called wilis, those sprites from Heinrich Heine‘s re-narrated slavic legend. The wilis are deceased brides whose love was betrayed before their wedding and who seek their unfulfilled pleasures after their death.

Photos of GISELA by Gert Weigelt

Ein außerordentlich gelungener Abend mit einem bestechenden Ensemble. Sehenswert!

Marcus Ostermann
Neue Westfälische


Choreography: Guy Weizman & Roni Haver

Music: Adolphe Adam, John Cage, Michael Gordon, Bernard Herman

Stage & Costume Design: Imme Kachel

Performers: Stéphanie Bouillaud, Claudia Braubach, Anna Eriksson, Mirko Guido (Kojiro Imada), Dirk Kazmierczak, Michael Loehr, Tiago Manquinho, Roberto Morales, Polina Ogryzkova, Brigitte Uray

Produced by Theater Bielefeld.

Performance History

Theaterlabor im Tor 6, Bielefeld, Germany

Tanztheater International
Staatstheater, Braunschweig, Germany

times performed in 2006