SRVD (2020)

Emerging from the dance floor of Berlin’s notorious Panorama Bar (by way of Paris is Burning) Matt Edwards and Patrick Mason are SRVD. The new single from SRVD, Black On Black, is a twisted, subterranean anthem for troubled times. Directed by Sergei Rostropovich (Red Axes, Elliot Sumner) and filmed by DP Alexander Kohn the film is equal parts horror and beauty, perfectly capturing the moment in its dark mirror.

Photos of BLACK ON BLACK by Tarek Mawad. Artwork by Patrick Mason.

Matt Edwards and Patrick Mason seem to have a good thing going on. […] Where Edwards’ work as Radio Slave is all about dark grooves and gradual hypnotism, SRVD is unapologetically banging. “Everyone is wearing black,” Mason chants in the title track’s breakdown. “Black, black, black on black.” Poking fun at monochrome fashion in techno (attributed, of course, to Berghain) is bound to play well with big club and festival audiences, especially when the vocals are backed by the type of pounding minimalist beat and rowdy synth line that are currently so popular in these spaces. Is it silly? Sure. Will it work? Absolutely.

Ryan Keeling
Resident Advisor


Director: Sergei Rostropovich

Director of Photography: Alexander Kohn

Editor: Mark Maborough

Steadicam Operator: Robert Patzelt

1st AC: Flu Popow

2nd AC: Maximilian Nierade

Gaffer: Christoph Hövel, David Schwier

Grading: Emiliano Serantoni

VFX: Constantin Maier

Set design: Philipp Hofen

Main dancers: Michael Loehr, Nell Pietrzyk

Special thanks to Arri Berlin, Mairi Hare, Felix @Fernwerk, Egon Elliot, Mundi Vondi, Kata @ Klang!



  • SRVD - Black on Black

    Everyone is wearing black

    I’m super excited to share the official music video for SRVD’s banging new track BLACK ON BLACK with you. When Patrick Mason called me to ask if I spontaneously wanna collaborate on this project I said yes straight away. Here’s the result, SRVD’s gorgeous music video...
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