OVAL (2010)

The video to Oval’s track AH! tells the story of two bodies at work: a contemporary dance piece and a musical structure. The focus lies on a human body struggling for rhythm. With every movement during which each bone and muscle produce their own sound outside of the music, it is increasingly off beat. On loop it repeats, without any beginning or end, constantly searching for the perfect movement.

Video stills from Oval’s music video AH!

Markus ‘Oval’ Popp has been steady glitchin’ for over a decade now. And as you can imagine, being one of modern electronic music’s most influential forces is tiring work. Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch a scantily-clad ballet dancer prance around while some nappy-wearing cabin boys lie on the floor. That’s what happens in Oval’s new video, anyway. And all the more credit to him for doing it.

FACT Magazine


Direction: Darko Dragičević

Music: Oval

Choreography: Walter Bickmann

Performers: Isabelle Rune, Florian Bücking, Santiago Hernandez, Michael Loehr, Robert van den Dolder

Director of Photography: Sebastien Gonon

1st Assistant Camera: Patricia Lewandowska

Editor: Austin Stack

Set Design: Naoko Tanaka

Costume Design: Ann Delic, Olga Zmiejko

Produced by Amberley Productions for Oval and Thrill Jockey Records.

Screening History

Chicago Filmmakers and The Cinema Culture‘s 3rd Annual Seen and Heard Music Videos Showcase
Chicago, USA

Poznan Modern Festival 2011
Kultury Zamek, Poznan, Poland

Future Shorts Festival 2011
Various locations UK/PL/RU/ID/AU

Liberty Hall
New York City, USA

Milan Fashion Week – Fashion Film Vernissage
Milan, Italy

49th Ann Arbor Film Festival (official selection)
Michigan Theater, Michigan, USA

Future Shorts Secret Cinema
London, UK

57.Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (official selection)
Lichtburg Theater, Oberhausen, Germany

Wexford Art Center, Wexford, Ireland

Athens Video Dance Project
Neos Kosmos Theater, Athens, Greece

Oberhausen Film Festival 2013
Oberhausen, Germany