Tanzfabrik Berlin is as an internationally known centre for contemporary dance. It offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic research, workshops and regular classes. Its main focus lies on the development, presentation and agency of contemporary dance in all of its diversity of choreographic and performative approaches.

The four dance studios and an incorporated studio stage in Kreuzberg accommodate choreographers, dancers, performers during their artistic practice and give space to a diverse range of advanced education projects. Since 2010 three new studios in Wedding’s Uferstudios offer structural advancement to artistic production, hosting Tanzfabrik Berlin’s artists in residence as well as the Biennale Tanznacht Berlin. 

Since 2005 Tanzfabrik Berlin is partner of the European Network Advancing Performing Arts Project.


  • It’s a wrap!

    2018 is a wrap and it’s time to say thank you for a year full of exciting projects! I feel really really lucky that I’m able to work with so many great people and institutions around the world. I performed 35 times across 7 countries, spent 10 weeks creating (and restaging) 5 different works with...
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  • A rehearsal day with Something Machine

    Thinking Dancers

    What just happened here? • A rehearsal day with Something Machine • The 2nd Excessive Rudeness • Pansun Kim • Michael Loehr • Genevieve Osbone • Milena Twiehaus • Thinking dancers • No idiots • Instant replay • Right or wrong? • The strongest section • Information overload • She cooknektor • Chuck • Petite...
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  • Excessive Facts Pt. I

    In preparation for our upcoming residency at STRUT Dance in Perth Something Machine (Pansun Kim, Genevieve Osborne, Milena Twiehaus and I) met at Tanzfabrik Berlin this week to continue working on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS. As part of our research into the theme of observation we started collecting a whole bunch of (more or less)...
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  • Sexy, yummy, wonderful!

    Thank you for a totally awesome, exciting, inspiring, sweaty, sexy, adventurous, challenging, insane, fun, groovy, yummy, bold, wonderful 2017! I was absolutely lucky to perform and create with such a bunch of inspiring artists, and teach my classes and workshops for so many talented young dancers. I performed 36 shows in 7 countries, spent 9...
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