As part of the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Dance Center replaced the former Hongeun Art Creative Center as a lively hub for dance makers from South Korea and abroad. 

Its objective is to support all sorts of creative activities connected to contemporary dance and to provide opportunities for networking between domestic and overseas dance artists. 

Seoul Dance Center’s facilities include 6 dance studios, 6 hostel rooms and a kitchen for residents, a community room, a multimedia editing room and more. The studios are available for short-trem rent but Seoul Dance Center also organises different residency programs, workshops and showcases, giving dance artists from all over the world the chance to develop their work.

Furthermore, Seoul Dance Center plays a vital role in the local community, enabling citizens to meet the resident artists and to participate in art education programs run by professional art teachers.


  • Something SEED

    In conclusion of our SEED residency at STRUT Dance Something Machine would like to invite you to an informal presentation. Something Machine is comprised of five artists that have been collaborating in various constellations with creators such as Amos Ben-Tal (NL), Amala Dianor (F), Emanuel Gat (F)...
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  • Am I facing the wrong way?

    The work on THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS continues. My colleagues from SOMETHING MACHINE and I are still processing all the material we created during our residency at Seoul Dance Center, simultaneously preparing for the upcoming SEED residency program at STRUT Dance in Perth, and sending out applications for new opportunities. THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS will...
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  • Sexy, yummy, wonderful!

    Thank you for a totally awesome, exciting, inspiring, sweaty, sexy, adventurous, challenging, insane, fun, groovy, yummy, bold, wonderful 2017! I was absolutely lucky to perform and create with such a bunch of inspiring artists, and teach my classes and workshops for so many talented young dancers. I performed 36 shows in 7 countries, spent 9...
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  • Something Machine goes Korea

    I’m super happy to announce that SOMETHING MACHINE got invited for a first residency at Seoul Dance Center! We’ll be working on our production THE 2ND EXCESSIVE RUDENESS from 18 – 29th September 2017. Thanks so much for this opportunity, no machine can be happier about this machine!
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