Patrick Mason is a fashion designer, influencer, illustrator, DJ, and performer.

Frequently making it on the Best Dressed lists for his ability to coordinate colors and brands while presenting one of the most alternative outfits to walk the streets, Patrick is easily one of Berlin’s most talked about personalities and style-icons. 

In 2015 he founded his own fashion label MAISON MASON. With his last three collections MELANCHOLIA, THE ALCHIMIST AND THE FOOL and BODYDISMPORHIA, all presented at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, he has taken the fashion scene by storm. 

His design aesthetic is characterised by bold designs and colours, mixing traditional and urban influences, layering different fabrics and pieces, playing with volume and structure to create gender free stand-out clothing.

Currently Patrick is touring internationally with SRVD, a project in collaboration with techno veteran Radio Slave.


  • SRVD - Black on Black

    Everyone is wearing black

    I’m super excited to share the official music video for SRVD’s banging new track BLACK ON BLACK with you. When Patrick Mason called me to ask if I spontaneously wanna collaborate on this project I said yes straight away. Here’s the result, SRVD’s gorgeous music video...
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  • Reality check

    It's time for a reality check: ZEIT ONLINE talked to me about my finances for their column Kontoauszug (German for bank statement). If you were wondering what made me choose this career ... it was very obviously not for financial reasons. Building a career as a freelancer takes guts and a lot of persistence. But to...
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  • Sexy, yummy, wonderful!

    Thank you for a totally awesome, exciting, inspiring, sweaty, sexy, adventurous, challenging, insane, fun, groovy, yummy, bold, wonderful 2017! I was absolutely lucky to perform and create with such a bunch of inspiring artists, and teach my classes and workshops for so many talented young dancers. I performed 36 shows in 7 countries, spent 9...
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  • Quitame la piel de ayer

    Crack Magazine just named his critically acclaimed self-titled album ARCA their Album of the Year 2017. It’s the perfect occasion to feature one of my biggest inspirations of this year: the musical and visual world of Arca. In addition to collaborating with Björk on her recent album UTOPIA, he released his gorgeous solo album ARCA...
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  • Secretly gaining momentum

    The 6th BERLIN ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEK is over, with 10.000 visitors attending the 15 runway shows, the design market and CHRISTEENE's absolutely stunning closing performance at Halle am Berghain. Maison Mason's collection BODYDISMORPHIA was one of the undisputed highlights among audience and critics alike, and I had a great time opening Patrick's show. You can watch...
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