The project quickly gained recognition by the audience, dance professionals, institution and the media alike. Following MAISON DE LA DANSE’s huge success, Guy Darmet created the BIENNALE DE LA DANSE in 1984, a festival that was headed to become one of the most influential international dance festivals.  

In 1992 the MAISON DE LA DANSE moved from its original location at Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse to the Théâtre du 8e en septembre 1992, considerably enhancing its possibilities with a new auditorium for 1.100 people and an additional residency and rehearsal space of 300m². 

MAISON DE LA DANSE presents 30 to 40 companies each season for a total of up to 150.000 viewers.

In Juli 2011 Dominique Hervieu succeeded Guy Darmet as artistic director of the MAISON DE LA DANSE and the BIENNALE DE LA DANSE. She continues the original idea of presenting an interesting and diverse program with the aim to grow a dance loving audience as big as possible.