Emanuel Gat started working as an independent choreographer in 1994 and founded his company EMANUEL GAT DANCE in 2004 at Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. His first program WINTER VOYAGE / THE RITE OF SPRING was a huge success and toured all over the world for several years. In 2006 Emanuel received the prestigious Bessie Award after presenting the program at Lincoln Center in New York City.

In 2007 Emanuel and his company moved to the South of France and settled down at Maison de la Danse in Istres. SILENT BALLET was the first piece created in France, followed by WINTER VARIATIONS, a duet with his longtime collaborator Roy Assaf in 2009 and BRILLIANT CORNERS in 2011.

As associated artist to the Festival Montpellier Danse 2013 the company developed the project UP CLOSE UP including two new works: THE GOLDLANDBERGS and CORNER ETUDES, a photographic installation IT’S PEOPLE, HOW ABSTRACT CAN IT GET?  and a choreographic event DANSES DE COUR. During the following edition of Montpellier Danse Emanuel Gat premiered PLAGE ROMANTIQUE, a one hour work for 9 dancers, in the courtyard of the Agora – Cité internationale de la Danse.

For the seasons 2016-2018 Emanuel and his company were again associated artists of Montpellier Danse. Framed by an extensive accompanying program Emanuel presented SUNNY in collaboration with musician Awir Leon in 2016 and TENWORKS (for Jean Paul), a project joining the dancers of the Ballet de Lyon with his own group, and DUOS in 2017.

In summer 2017 it was announced that Emanuel Gat would be appointed associate choreographer at Théâtre national de Chaillot in Paris for the two following seasons.


  • Emanuel Gat's DUOS

    Coloured up

    There is alway something special about performing Emanuel Gat’s DUOS. You never know what’s gonna happen. Each show takes place under different circumstances, in a different setting, and with a different partner. And dancing in full body paint (created spontaneously by artist Yifat Gat for each show, sometimes in front of the audience) can be...
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  • It’s a wrap!

    2018 is a wrap and it’s time to say thank you for a year full of exciting projects! I feel really really lucky that I’m able to work with so many great people and institutions around the world. I performed 35 times across 7 countries, spent 10 weeks creating (and restaging) 5 different works with...
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  • Gat fam playlist

    Electric Warm Arse

    Get your groove on with the Gat fam! If you ever wondered what we listen to when we warm up our tired bodies before a show, here’s a little playlist with some selected tracks from before (and after) our recent shows at deSingel in Antwerp. Hope you enjoy the ride…
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  • Harsh, rugged and angular

    Silvia Staude from German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau came to see STORY WATER at Tanzfestival Rhein-Main last week. After several working residencies at Frankfurt LAB and a successful world premiere in Avignon, the Emanuel Gat Dance /  Ensemble Modern co-production returned to where it all started for two celebrated shows. Check out the German review below...
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  • Sharlie’s Story

    It always feels like we only truly start working on a production once we begin touring it. So naturally Emanuel Gat’s STORY WATER is still somewhere at the beginning of its journey. And while we keep discovering and understanding more and more layers of the show each time we meet and work, our audiences have...
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  • Love at first sight

    After a much celebrated World Premiere in Avignon, it was about time to start touring STORY WATER, time to figure out how the piece would work and evolve in different settings and with different audiences. Beethovenfest at the Opera House in Bonn was the perfect start for this adventure, and it was a lot of...
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  • Danse!

    The new theatre season is about to kick off and my first show will be STORY WATER with Emanuel Gat Dance and the brilliant Ensemble Modern at Beethovenfest in Bonn next week. Just in time Julia Gat finished editing a brand new teaser, filmed at the world premiere in Avignon last month. I totally can’t wait for this...
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  • Garçon d’honneur

    After I tore a muscle bundle in my right calf and almost dropped out of the production, after 7 hard weeks of rehabilitation training, and after a general rehearsal with high fever … we finally did it! Against all odds the world premiere (and the four following shows) of STORY WATER in the absolutely gorgeous...
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  • Two Conversations

    With regard to the upcoming world premiere of STORY WATER at Festival d’Avignon 2018 this Thursday, i wanna share two interesting conversations focusing on the project’s music as well as the relation between music and dance on stage. The first (English) conversation was held between journalist Mélanie Suchy, Emanuel Gat and the Ensemble Modern for the...
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  • Dance against prejudice

    Tanec Praha just celebrated its 30th anniversary, presenting a total of one hundred events and attracting over 9.000 visitors in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. Under the motto Dance against prejudice this year’s edition presented productions by Jiří Kylián, Eun Me-Ahn, Louise Lecavalier, Germaine Arcogny, Emanuel Gat & Awir Leon and many more. From...
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