DE SINGEL is an international arts campus offering an extensive, varied program of dance, music and theatre all wrapped in inspiring architecture. DE SINGEL is a performance space but also hosts the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, the Flemish Architectural Institute and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s dance company EASTMAN.

DE SINGEL is both a place where you can experience art in all its forms and a nurturing ground for young talents. Next to the big stages where performances are held you can find enthusiastic students running through the hallways, singing their songs, playing their instruments or rehearsing their plays.

Based on an idea by Peter Benoit to combine music, theatre and fine arts, and designed by the flemish architect Leon Stynen, the campus was established in November 1980. 

In addition to the original three stages, DE SINGEL expanded its capabilities by building a workshop, extra rehearsal space for musicians, a dance studio, a 400m² exhibition space and a fourth stage in 2011.

DE SINGEL is known to be one of the main theatres not only in Flanders but in all of Europe. The general director of DE SINGEL is Jerry Aerts, the director of the performing arts department is Myriam De Clopper.


  • Coloured up

    There is alway something special about performing Emanuel Gat's DUOS. You never know what's gonna happen. Each show takes place under different circumstances, in a different setting, and with a different partner. And dancing in full body paint (created spontaneously by artist Yifat Gat...
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  • It’s a wrap!

    2018 is a wrap and it’s time to say thank you for a year full of exciting projects! I feel really really lucky that I’m able to work with so many great people and institutions around the world. I performed 35 times across 7 countries, spent 10 weeks creating (and restaging) 5 different works with...
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  • Gat fam playlist

    Electric Warm Arse

    Get your groove on with the Gat fam! If you ever wondered what we listen to when we warm up our tired bodies before a show, here’s a little playlist with some selected tracks from before (and after) our recent shows at deSingel in Antwerp. Hope you enjoy the ride…
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  • Danse!

    The new theatre season is about to kick off and my first show will be STORY WATER with Emanuel Gat Dance and the brilliant Ensemble Modern at Beethovenfest in Bonn next week. Just in time Julia Gat finished editing a brand new teaser, filmed at the world premiere in Avignon last month. I totally can’t wait for this...
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