Dance Arts Faculty (DAF) was designed as an international education system for young performers. Its educational program is divided into three different levels, according to the students age, interests, and career goals. In addition to these professional activities, DAF created an Open School for amateurs, offering classes and workshops from Ballet to Parcour and Yoga. 

DAF is at the same time a promoter of a wide range of artistic initiatives. It hosts projects of international cultural institutions, and organises events and educational initiatives all over Italy. 

DAF hosted the Emanuel Gat Dance Summer Intensive 2018 and 2019, offering Italian and international students and professionals a glimpse into the choreographers unique work process.




  • 2019 Done

    2019 Done, 2020 Here i come

    THANKS for all the fun in 2019! THANKS for all the professional opportunities and challenges, THANKS for all the insane nights and days out, and THANKS for sharing so many precious moments with me you beautiful people!
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  • Things are getting intense

    Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five days summer intensive in Rome, aimed at professional dancers. The summer intensive will be led by Sara Wilhelmsson and myself, alongside Emanuel Gat who will be present and working directly with the participants throughout the course. The course will introduce the dancers to the teachings and methodology...
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  • It’s a wrap!

    2018 is a wrap and it’s time to say thank you for a year full of exciting projects! I feel really really lucky that I’m able to work with so many great people and institutions around the world. I performed 35 times across 7 countries, spent 10 weeks creating (and restaging) 5 different works with...
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  • EGD Summer Intensive 2018

    When in Rome

    Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five day Summer Intensive in Rome, aimed at professional dancers as well as dance students and young dancers making their first steps as professional dance artists. The Summer Intensive will be held in two separate groups (16-22 years old and 22-35 years old) and will be led by Sara...
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